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My pictures from AX 2011, particularly my Hetalia pictures:…. I'm going in reverse order. >_>

My adventures, aka having my con cake and eating it too:

Friday (AM^2):
I technically didn't attend the con this day. But I got to have a chat with my bro :iconfragmentangelus: at Downtown Disney that afternoon. We wandered, had beignets and cold drinks, and eyed the military bands playing in the plaza in front of House of Blues. A group was having a flash mob freeze scene in the middle of the audience; the band got some choice ribbing at them.

Sunday (AM^2):
Familial obligations prevented me from leaving the house. So I finished up my Joshua Christopher (Chrono Crusade) shirt and horns that day.

Unfortunately, it meant I ended up on the road to AM^2 rather late. It was a bit of a comedy of errors but it ended up at IHOP with the bro and sis, :iconfragmentangelus: and :icontandiee: (yes, sis, since she was Rosette to my Joshua). I also got to meet their friends, :iconwanderingwords: and :iconchemistraaaahhhh:.

AM^2 was rather laid back. I'd really missed attending a con at Anaheim Convention Center, which has some pretty awesome photo spaces and is definitely better placed for food and hotels. The only downside was that the con seemed too small for the venue, but the attendees definitely made up for it in energy.

I spent the con wandering with this newfound, motley crew, which consisted of Rosette (:icontandiee), Chrono (:iconfragmentangelus:), Rhyme (:iconchemistraaaahhhh:) and Naruto (:iconwanderingwords:). From what I recall of the wandering, it involved Copic raids, matsuri games, and the occasional very confused Rotary Club/Moose Lodge member. :iconchemistraaaahhhh: became our token jailbait who wasn't really jailbait.

We later met up with Mr. Postman ( and had a multiphotographer-model photshoot. Really, I don't know what it was really about. xD Joshua is one of my better cosplays for photographing others but I am constantly learning: Cosplay. Photography. PICK ONE.

The Cosplay World Summit Preliminaries were pretty entertaining though I'm still confused about why on earth they held it at AM^2 instead of a bigger con. There were at least two entries that didn't really seem up to par with the others but I didn't envy the judges for having to make a choice of who to send to Nagoya.
-Le Chevalier d'Eon (d'Eon and Durand)
-X (Kanoe and Hinoto) - the Kanoe did a relatively obscure artbook version that involved some complicated jointed wings upon her arms
-Vocaloid (Cantarella Kaito and Miku)
-xxxHolic (Yuuko and Watanuki) - they won
-Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (Sakura and Tomoyo-hime)
-Code Geass (CC and Lelouch) - Artbook cosplays, with CC in her red butterfly dress (with some interesting cutouts on the bodice that led to a slightly disturbing spontaneous discussion about anime... anatomy) and Lelouch in the "Black Knight" suit

After that, I followed everyone along to the SCANDAL concert, whilst having absolutely no idea at all who they were. I was expecting hardcore visual kei or the like (because the concert was sponsored by CURE). Then a group of absolutely moe-moe girls with long straight hair and vaguely school girl inspired outfits get on the stage. Mr. Postman was instantly fascinated.

They were actually really good, though I'm still kind of in shock at just how high the bassist/supporting vocalist's voice is. I swear to you; she's a living anime character.

Verdict: AM^2 was a good, laid-back con to attend at a wonderfully nostalgic location for me. My first con ever was AX 2004 at Anaheim Convention Center. It was absolutely wonderful to attend with old friends and to meet new, and to chat up with completely random, new people at the con (including a hilarious Madam Red and a discussion about In-N-Out and "doing things from behind"). That's what makes cons so great, even when I was staying up late at home to finish Joshua's buttonholes (my damnable procrastination). It was also especially heartening to see how many people recognized Chrono Crusade, along with a few rather fervent fangirls of Joshua!

And can anyone see me as Twilight Sparkle from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"?? o_O

Monday (AX 2011):
I went to AX because of friends, really. It's the people that make cons worth it.

So no cosplay, only my camera and my gentleman friend (and two of his friends).  It was the first time my gentleman friend had been to LA, really, and his friends had just come in from Colorado. So I ended up being impromptu tour guide (I felt rather guilty, frankly, about dragging the visitors along, but I was assured that they had no trouble with it and weren't exactly unfamiliar with conventions themselves).

There was still some activity, quite a bit of it in fact. My camera kept clicking away as I ran into :iconkim-tram:, :iconangelkawaii:, :iconbakawahiba18:, among many others. It was too sad that I couldn't see :iconpastoral-insanity: however. T_T She had to leave on Sunday night.

I ended up having an impromptu photoshoot with what remained of the insane Hetalia gathering as well as :icononacrystal:. It was rather fun and I did my best in directing. ^^; It's still pretty new and I'm still trying out new things. There was ice cream later, at the absolutely delicious New Zealand ice cream (pity I didn't wear my New Zealand cosplay...).

Then I left and wandered LA with my peculiar tour group. We went down Hollywood Blvd (didn't get out of the car) and then went to Koreatown. I introduced them to 짬뽕 (jjamppong), which all three absolutely loved. The end of the day was rounded up by watching three different fireworks displays.

Verdict: People seemed more content at this con. I suppose AX cleaned up their act a bit. But really, it was just for seeing people I only see at cons and other limited events. And photographing cosplayers... that was really fun. They were a joy to shoot, particularly the Hetalia cosplayers, who were all too obliging.

And now... I have a lot of photos to go through. /dies

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